Good News is Out There

All too often our televisions, newspapers, and online sources are filled with bad news. Sometimes it’s overwhelming because it feels like that is all that is happening. Every now and then, however, a story about the good in the world slips through the cracks. It lifts us up and gives us hope that not everyone is bad in the world.

Hope comes in the most unexpected places. Sometimes it takes the form of a 6-year-old boy named Jaden Hayes. According to CBS News, Jaden went through the most heartbreaking ordeal. He lost his father and his mother. Of course he was sad but it’s what he chose to do with his sadness that is so remarkable. He vowed to make other people happy and give smiles to those who needed it the most. He headed to the store with his aunt and purchase some dinosaurs and rubber duckies because those are what make people smile according to Jaden. Jaden handed these out in his home state of Ohio and something amazing happened. He made people’s days. Strangers were overcome with joy by this small gesture. They laughed, cried, and paid Jaden for his kindness in hugs. It’s a good deed where everybody wins.

The Mall Of America is known for its sheer size, shopping, and even rides! A few short years ago, it became known as something else. It became known as where the kindness of 5,000 strangers came together. According to BuzzFeed, a young man by the name of Zachary Sobiech was truly an inspiration. He was diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer. He wanted to help uplift people on his journey so he wrote a song called Clouds which skyrocketed to popularity. After his death, his memory was sure to live on. A radio station put out a call asking for a thousand volunteers to come sing this song at The Mall Of America. A thousand people answered this plea…and then some. Five thousand people turned out to pay a beautiful tribute to Zachary! His parents were floored.

There is good in the world. There are beautiful people. Random acts of kindness happen everyday. We just have to open our eyes and realize for every bad person out there who commits a crime, there are 10 people doing just the opposite. They just don’t make the news. But, don’t forget – truly special people are out there. That’s enough to make anyone smile.


News That Will Definitely Turn Your Frown Upside Down

Dogs are supposedly the perfect companions for mankind. But, nobody ever gave cats a chance. One remarkable orange and tan colored cat named Tommy proved his worth to become the next man’s best friend. Tommy lives in Ohio with his owner, Gary Rosheisen. Rosheisen adopted Tommy because he thought it would lower his blood pressure and it would be lovely to have a companion. Rosheisen was wheelchair bound and suffered from osteoporosis, which meant that his bones were very, very weak. He also had several strokes. Because of his vulnerability to seizures, he had tried to train Tommy to press the 911 button on his phone in the case of an emergency. Even though he tried his very best to teach Tommy, he was never sure if it ever paid off. One day, he experienced a seizure in his bedroom and fell down from his wheelchair. He was unable to get up and did not have his life alert button to call for help. He was basically alone and helpless. Then, the police arrived at Rosheisen’s apartment and saved him. There was no explanation to who called 911 except for the fact that Tommy was present next to the phone when the police arrived. Tommy saved his owner’s life. To get more details on this story, visit
Story: Cat Called 911 to Help Ill Owner

Cancer is a horrible thing, but even some people can see the light in this darkness. Four year old cancer patient , Abby was one of those people. She is diagnosed with Pre-B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, which is a common type of Leukemia for children. Abby had definitely seen many nurses in her four years of life, but there was one who absolutely caught her little eyes. His name is Matt Hickling and he is her favorite nurse. She decided that he was so amazing, she would marry him. After Abby informed her mother of her unwavering decision to marry Matt, her mother called him to make sure he was okay with Abby’s decision. He was completely fine with it. Soon, Matt planned a wedding for him and the lovely Abby with the help of a few coworkers. The wedding was done and now the newly wedded couple waits to see what the future has in store for them. To read more about young Abby and her delightful marriage, visit
Story: 4 Year Old Girl Marries Favorite Nurse in Hospital Ceremony

Smile For A Better Life

This Buzzfeed post got me thinkin…

Smiling makes you feel better. It can lift your spirits and help make difficult times not feel so darned difficult. Smiling also takes far less effort or muscle power than frowning. Smiling has a way of making stress melt away, and turn an otherwise dismal day (or week) into something to enjoy and relish.

Too many people can find way too many reasons why they should not smile, or offer reasons why there is no reason to smile. Far less often do individuals offer a reason why a smile is in order. What is a good reason to smile? How about freshly cut grass? It smells awesome and makes the landscape look so inviting. Dogs love to roll in cut grass, and it feels awesome between the toes.

Another great reason to smile is when someone you really care about gets one of your jokes. It can even be a corny joke. Just to know that someone you care about thinks you are funny is reason enough to let out a great big smile. The same holds true if you get to work on a project with someone you care about.

A day when your hair cooperates is another great reason to smile. Nothing is better than when everything falls into place, including the hair. Top a great hair day off with perfect weather. Whether it is rain, snow or a beautiful sunny day, the perfect weather can lift the spirits and make you feel as if you are living on cloud nine.

Here’s another great reason to smile. Take a personal day and get in touch with yourself. Take a whole day to do nothing but pamper yourself and feel good. A long walk, a day in the park with a friend (furry is best), or even take in a small concert or art show to reset self and feel better about the world around you.

Finally, a great reason to smile is because you are alive. Breath in some fresh air, play with your dog and simply enjoy the fact that you have another day to enjoy. Letting the worse of the world get to you is no way to go through life. Focusing on the negative will only make you feel negative. Focus on the good, shut out the bad and enjoy life.

Smile for yourself, for those around you, and to make the world a happier place. A smile is good for your heart, your stress levels, and smiling more v=can actually help with maintaining weight and lowering stress levels