Meathead Movers Gathers Other Businesses To Help Domestic Violence Victims-#MoveToEndDV

A company called Meathead Movers located in California decided that they wanted to help end domestic violence, so they decided to donate their time and energy to helping anyone involved in a domestic violence situation move away from the violence they are living in for free. Moving people is hard enough work, but to donate that time and hard word for FREE is really saying a lot about the people in this company and the people they work for. Then as if that wasn’t enough- they have now gone another step into helping people involved in domestic violence by asking other companies to donate their services and time to help domestic violence victims. I first read about this story in The Huffington Post. They have posted on their company web site a place where they are asking people and companies to commit to donate their money, time, services or products to a local domestic violence shelter in their area to help their cause. I just love this! to actually hear a positive news story, to hear about people that care about other people and want to help them is so refreshing. I wish there wear more stories like this.

They have named their project, #MoveToEndDV and as of Monday, Meathead Movers has already gathered forty-two other businesses that have committed to using their company services to support their cause to help victims of domestic violence. There are still a lot more companies committing to their cause that are coming in on their website. The co-founder of Meathead Movers told The Huffington Post that they were getting all kinds of great commitments from people and companies. He says they have set a goal of one hundred companies but would certainly like more. They have had magazines commit to running articles every month about domestic violence, other moving companies donate free services to move people involved in domestic violence, free internet services, free website services, free computer services and free training classes, donations of money every year, free repair and maintenance to the shelters washers and dryers, free haircuts and facials for women at the shelters, a company donating furniture, dishes, linens, and bedding for victims new homes, free resort packages, free advertising space for companies donating, free boxes for packing, free unpacking and putting new home together services, free yoga classes and the shelters weekly, it just goes on and on.

It is so nice to see people getting involved in helping and caring about other people. It just seems like you don’t see much of this anymore. I love these types of articles and hope to see more.


California Bully Finds Advocate In Intervener

Bullying is a big problem in our schools. Many speak out against it, but few do anything to stop it. This was not the case recently at a Huntington Beach High School. In recent events there a vision impaired student was attacked by another student. It seemed that no one would step in and help and then a student did just that.

The third student came into the fight and knocked the bully to the ground stopping the attack on the disabled student. He has been hailed as a hero and many are coming to his defense in order to prevent him from being expelled by the local school board. This student does not feel that he has done anything extraordinary, but when dealing with bullying anything that puts a stop to it is extraordinary.

The hero, Cody Pines has become a very verbal defender of the bully in this case. He feels that this person has been punished sufficiently by the verbal outpourings of his wrongdoing. Pines goes on to further state that he feels the bully’s arrest is only going to hinder his future ability to realize success.

As for the incident in question, Pines says that he felt there was no other course of action that he could take. He felt obligated to help the blind student in order to prevent any further harm from coming to him. Pines states that he did not intend to hurt the bully, he simply wanted the incident to stop.

When comments were sought out from the school board and school officials, they felt that the video misrepresented the overall atmosphere of the school. The image that the video offers is one of fear and intimidation. The Huntington Beach school system has worked hard to develop an atmosphere where student safety and wellness is the center of their mission and vision.

Bullying is a big problem in the school system. While isolated incidents do take place, the bulk of bullying goes on for years with victims never truly recovering from the emotional scars. Pines is a hero. He stopped an incident that could have ended up very badly if he had not intervened.

Stopping bullying is important to ensure the mental well being of both bully and victim. Pines has demonstrated that there are people out there who will standup and put an end to the violence.

Will the Companion App make you feel safer walking home?

Recently I read an article that talks about a new smartphone app that is one
of the more thoughtful and practical to come out in a while. The Companion App
promises to change the awkward and sometimes scary walk home from wherever you
may be late at night. How it works is you pick anybody from your contact list
and text them a link to the map your using. They are then able to track your real
time movement.

The app links with your phones GPS and Accelerometer to track your position
and speed of movement. It can even tell when you fall down or if someone runs
off with it. If you are in danger the app will ask if you are alright and If you
don’t respond in 15 seconds it will sound an alarm and give instant access to
police. Furthermore, it will alert your contacts to the threat as well.

This is awesome news for people who walk or bike alone at night. It will be a
welcome app for parents as well. What a great way to make sure your child is safe
and sound. Definite potential here.

Joesph Bismark Shares His Favorite Healthy Apps

Joseph Bismark had an extraordinary early life–as I’ve written about before— one that he has used to develop a lifestyle and business that follows his Vedic philosophies. Mr. Bismark is one of the founding directors of the Group. On Dec. of 2008, Mr. Bismarck took over the role of Managing Director for the company. A role he still holds.

Mr. Bismark is a firm believer in spiritual growth through service to others. The service must be meaningful to the lives of those it’s meant to help. A part of this belief is expressed through the RHYTHM group of the firm. The letters stand for Social Responsibility. Mr. Bismark spends much of his time working with the RHYTHM department of the company.

Mr. Bismark also believes that ordinary persons can make extraordinary differences in the lives of others or for the world in general. Mr. Bismark is also known as a strong advocate of healthy living including a healthy diet. That is one of the main reasons that the growth of his company has also shown an interest in both wellness and organic foods.

According to Business Wire, recently Mr. Bismark gave an interview to asPire magazine. During that interview, he discussed some of his favorite apps for maintaining a healthy life, something he is never too busy to ignore. The article was featured in asPire Magazine.

First Mr. Bismark explains that he swims, cycles, practices Yoga and makes use of meditation. He also incorporates a kettle ball a few times a week to maintain his flexibility. As for the apps, there are several that he makes use of while exercising. For cycling, he used MapMyRide. This app measures almost everything a cyclist could want to be measured. It records duration, speed, topography (elevation), calories burnt and distance. The app helps him to stay on course for a healthier life.

Mr. Bismark not only practices yoga he lives it. It is from this form of healthy living that many of his Vedic beliefs come from. He uses it as a guide for good living. He is the Yoga Master at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga. Mr. Bismark uses his position to learn even more about the philosophies for a healthy lifestyle and the areas that help that growth.

For meditation, a type of partner for Yoga practice Mr. Bismark prefers SoundCloud. This app is designed for those who meditate. It allows an easy uploading of mantras and enables them to be shared with others. Mr. Bismark is also a fan of Luminosity, which he uses for fifteen minutes a day. He likes that it “exercises” his brain and helps it stay fit.

There are of course other apps. Designed to do the same things and Mr. Bismark openly expresses the feeling that such technology helps people to live not only a physically healthy life but one that also encompasses thought and believes. From vegetarian diets to technology Mr. Bismark isn’t afraid to use any of these methods to live the best possible life.

One Family Saw Beauty in a Dog that No One Else Wanted

I absolutely love puppies, and it is truly shocking to me how people can base love off of looks. So many puppies are abandoned, neglected, and left to die on the streets every year; and it is sad to know this. When hearing about a puppy who has been saved, loved, and given a life in which they are loved warms my heart. A little old westie/ Chihuahua mix puppy was brought to the Humane Society of Silicon Valley unwanted, and in terrible condition. She was a playful, loving, and happy puppy even though her body told a story of scars and aesthetic setbacks. I always find it inspiring when good hearted people give their love and help to both people and animals. The good people at the humane society did just that, and worked hard to nurse this beautiful puppy back to health. The Humane Society of Silicon Valley took this puppy in, and helped to give her a new life.

Nobody wanted this little puppy, but one family managed to see beauty that no one else saw in this puppy. My heart was warmed when I read that the family recently lost their Chihuahua, and adopted this puppy to fill the gap in their family. Despite leaving to run an errand, the daughters of this family were so consumed with fear that another family could possibly take the puppy home that their mom immediately turned around. The Doblar family then picked up the puppy, adopted her, and took her home to a very living family. This family’s love and devotion to the puppy shows me people in this world still care, and have a heart. The Doblar family took in this puppy despite her strange looking appearance, and only saw the beauty within the puppy. I love this story and this family’s love for the puppy, and have been touched just by reading about the puppy. I believe that this family did an extraordinary thing by taking in, and loving this puppy like she was the part of their family that was missing.

A Briton and Three Americans Recieve France’s Highest Honor

Much has been said in the news about how three Americans and a Briton stopped a terrorist attack in France. The Guardian reports that the Briton Chris Norman, and three Americans—Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler, and Alek Skarlatos—are about to receive France’s highest medal of honor. The quartet were among a few passengers on a train who are being credited with helping stop what is thought to have been terrorist attack. Everything was going as planned on the train which was traveling from Amsterdam to Paris. After a Jihadi gunman opened fire on the train, the four of them jumped him and wrestled him to the ground.

The 62-year-old Norman has led a rather fascinating life. He was born in Uganda, raised in South Africa, attended the University of Reading in England, moved to France, and remains a consultant to companies in Africa. All three Americans have led a much more down-to-earth life. The three of them grew up together in California and two of them are military men. When the incident first began to take shape, Norman was sitting in his seat in coach and the three Americans where nearby in their seats getting some much-needed sleep. Suddenly they heard a gunshot, some glass breaking, and saw someone run down a hallway.

They instantly knew something was wrong. It was upon standing that Norman saw a man (who has now been identified as a 25-year-old Moroccan named Ayoud El-Khazzani) at the front of the train holding a machine gun. He and the three Americans quickly decided to work together to take down the gunman. The moment was perfect to do so since the gunman’s AK-47 seemed to be jammed. A military man and martial arts fan, Stone made the first move by running down the aisle and tackling the gunman. His friend Skarlotos, the other military man, was right behind him, snatching the gun while Stone put him in a chokehold.

Unfortunately for them, the AK-47 wasn’t the terrorists only weapon. When that was taken away from him, he withdrew a handgun. Skarlotos took that as well. The terrorist then took out a box cutter. He began stabbing at the men and very nearly succeeded in cutting off Stone’s thumb. After Al-Khazzani was finally rendered unconscious, Norman and Sadler helped tie him tie up the terrorist. However, the crises didn’t end there. They discovered a profusely bleeding gentleman who has just moments before their intervention attempted to overcome the gunman. Stone stopped the blood until the train stopped at Arras, France and emergency help arrived. You can read further details here and here. Although there are many articles about this event, these are particularly informative.

Good News is Out There

All too often our televisions, newspapers, and online sources are filled with bad news. Sometimes it’s overwhelming because it feels like that is all that is happening. Every now and then, however, a story about the good in the world slips through the cracks. It lifts us up and gives us hope that not everyone is bad in the world.

Hope comes in the most unexpected places. Sometimes it takes the form of a 6-year-old boy named Jaden Hayes. According to CBS News, Jaden went through the most heartbreaking ordeal. He lost his father and his mother. Of course he was sad but it’s what he chose to do with his sadness that is so remarkable. He vowed to make other people happy and give smiles to those who needed it the most. He headed to the store with his aunt and purchase some dinosaurs and rubber duckies because those are what make people smile according to Jaden. Jaden handed these out in his home state of Ohio and something amazing happened. He made people’s days. Strangers were overcome with joy by this small gesture. They laughed, cried, and paid Jaden for his kindness in hugs. It’s a good deed where everybody wins.

The Mall Of America is known for its sheer size, shopping, and even rides! A few short years ago, it became known as something else. It became known as where the kindness of 5,000 strangers came together. According to BuzzFeed, a young man by the name of Zachary Sobiech was truly an inspiration. He was diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer. He wanted to help uplift people on his journey so he wrote a song called Clouds which skyrocketed to popularity. After his death, his memory was sure to live on. A radio station put out a call asking for a thousand volunteers to come sing this song at The Mall Of America. A thousand people answered this plea…and then some. Five thousand people turned out to pay a beautiful tribute to Zachary! His parents were floored.

There is good in the world. There are beautiful people. Random acts of kindness happen everyday. We just have to open our eyes and realize for every bad person out there who commits a crime, there are 10 people doing just the opposite. They just don’t make the news. But, don’t forget – truly special people are out there. That’s enough to make anyone smile.

To Teach is to Love

There have been a number of teachers in my life who have essentially changed the way that I think, learn, interact with people, and interact with myself. These teachers have gone beyond the realm of teaching to educate and have taught me how to experience life and its many wonders. Many people can relate to this form of thinking as well as the experiences that I’ve had. People who were born to be teachers can’t help but touch the lives of the students around them. For one teacher spending her life touching the lives of others paid off when she needed it the most. 

Marty Hayes spent over 35 years teaching music to children and young teenagers. In the course of her time as a teacher she touched the lives of many students but she arguably left an imprint on student Carolyn Denson James the most. Carolyn Denson James spent most of the year looking for her former high school music teacher in 2004. James wanted to get in touch with Marty Hayes in order to tell her about the impact Hayes had on her more than 35 years previously. James lived in a small town in Texas called Frisco and she herself became a teacher thanks to the inspiration that Hayes had left her with. James sat down with the Huffington Post to talk about what Hayes meant to her all of those years ago. James remembers Hayes meaning the world to her. Hayes had a special way of making every student feel special. Every student in Hayes’ class was made to feel like they brought something important to the table. When James finally found Hayes she discovered that her former teacher was suffering with Lewy body dementia. Lewy body dementia is a medical diagnosis of a patient suffering with Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

The Dallas Morning News was also there to report this story. James knew that after seeing her former teacher in the state that she was in she had to do something. James and her husband would regularly visit Hayes and helped her pay bills as well as drive her to her medical appointments. After some time her diseases got worse and without hesitation the couple moved Hayes into their home. Hayes who is now 74 years old feels incredibly blessed and thankful to have her former student in her life in the way that she is. The former teacher went on to encourage teachers to keep being heroes to their students. You never know whose life you’re going to change and you don’t know who will change your life.

Seeing Through The Darkness: eSight Glasses For The Blind

I love social media, but I get so burdened with all the garbage and drama that comes with it. I like to read stories that make me feel good. I often go to Buzzfeed for stories that inspire. Today, I was browsing their current stories, and I found one that just brought tears to my eyes. A blind mother, Kathy Beitz, just gave birth to her son. While the birth was miraculous enough, the fact that she got to see him was a phenomenon of epic proportions. 

Thanks to a new program through eSight, she put on a pair of glasses that allowed her to see him. She had never seen her husband or any baby for that matter. She pointed out cute similarities between her husband and son, as their toes; they were exactly the same. She also noted things like his wrinkly skin, his smile and the little bit of hair that he had. For many other people like Beitz, being able to see anything is touching. I take for granted the ability to be able to see. I see my children, my husband, and even my dog; and I don’t think twice about it. To her, being able to see her family was a gift. 

Beitz suffers from macular degeneration. It is a condition where the retina detaches from the eye and over time a person completely loses the ability to see. She has been blind since birth due to this rare problem. The company eSight does free trials to those who cannot see. The cost of the glasses is $15,000, and they understand that many blind people are on fixed incomes. They have several fundraising events and also work with sponsors to help those who cannot see get the glasses they need. 

I have a cousin who has been blind since she was a small child. When I watched the videos attached to this site and could hear the people read books and describe what they were seeing, it melted my heart. Perhaps there is hope for my cousin too. She longs to drive a car and see her husband’s face. Technology is an amazing thing, and the fact that they are helping so many people to be able to see is just amazing. 

Those who have suffered from blindness are going to be able to conquer the darkness. Soon, blindness will be a treatable condition just like anything else. I long for the day when we can lay down the glasses, contacts and all see clearly.

News That Will Definitely Turn Your Frown Upside Down

Dogs are supposedly the perfect companions for mankind. But, nobody ever gave cats a chance. One remarkable orange and tan colored cat named Tommy proved his worth to become the next man’s best friend. Tommy lives in Ohio with his owner, Gary Rosheisen. Rosheisen adopted Tommy because he thought it would lower his blood pressure and it would be lovely to have a companion. Rosheisen was wheelchair bound and suffered from osteoporosis, which meant that his bones were very, very weak. He also had several strokes. Because of his vulnerability to seizures, he had tried to train Tommy to press the 911 button on his phone in the case of an emergency. Even though he tried his very best to teach Tommy, he was never sure if it ever paid off. One day, he experienced a seizure in his bedroom and fell down from his wheelchair. He was unable to get up and did not have his life alert button to call for help. He was basically alone and helpless. Then, the police arrived at Rosheisen’s apartment and saved him. There was no explanation to who called 911 except for the fact that Tommy was present next to the phone when the police arrived. Tommy saved his owner’s life. To get more details on this story, visit
Story: Cat Called 911 to Help Ill Owner

Cancer is a horrible thing, but even some people can see the light in this darkness. Four year old cancer patient , Abby was one of those people. She is diagnosed with Pre-B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, which is a common type of Leukemia for children. Abby had definitely seen many nurses in her four years of life, but there was one who absolutely caught her little eyes. His name is Matt Hickling and he is her favorite nurse. She decided that he was so amazing, she would marry him. After Abby informed her mother of her unwavering decision to marry Matt, her mother called him to make sure he was okay with Abby’s decision. He was completely fine with it. Soon, Matt planned a wedding for him and the lovely Abby with the help of a few coworkers. The wedding was done and now the newly wedded couple waits to see what the future has in store for them. To read more about young Abby and her delightful marriage, visit
Story: 4 Year Old Girl Marries Favorite Nurse in Hospital Ceremony