Qi Group, The UN, and The Business Revolution

United Nations Global Compact Network is proud to host a very strategic company by the name QI Group of Companies which by itself is proud to mother the famous QNET. QI Group of companies is not just a part of UNGC but one of the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiatives. QI Group of Companies consists of a number of business groups with headquarters in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore and additional constituent over 30 countries all over the world. QI gladly adopted diverse and forth going business practices released by the International Cooperate Social Responsibility Summit launched in Singapore in the year 2015.

The QI is dedicated to elevating the business industry to a new and higher level. With globalization, the company has taken steps to developing ideas that can sustain businesses into success. QI Group of Companies boasts of a very influential Managing Director, Joseph Bismark being in position since December 2008. Bismark believed that with extensive knowledge, information, skills and experience, sustainability and development of businesses would be achieved easily.

Mr. Bismark has turned a number of normal things in the business world into the extraordinary. His interest in gaining more and more knowledge by the day is evident. He is a vedic philosopher, bonsai master, yoga instructor and has diverse acquired knowledge in martial arts. From his quotes, one can tell that Mr. Bismark is a true believer of the Lord and His teachings.

QI widely adapted its running of activities a corrupt free mainly accruing from its managers believes. The company believes in creating great working conditions for its employees who include stipulation of labor and human rights in the business world. Implementation of good governance in the company has proven to increase productivity. This strategy was encouraged by Bismark and perfectly implemented which has seen the QI climb up the ladder into success under Bismark.

As reported by yahoo, Bismark mentioned the need of accountability and transparency in the company while conducting business. With a great acquired title, the company is likely to attract major stakeholders and investors with similar objectives that will help the company achieve its goals. Apart from sharing business ideas, the United Nations Global Compact Network in association with QI has created a platform that encourages sharing of non business ideas around the world. Such practices render the organization fit for both social and business interactions.


Parents Who Share Childcare Equally Are Happier Together

In a recent study it was found that couples who raised their children together are happier together. This is when both parents share the childcare fairly and equally. CNN released the results this week that show of the almost 500 couples studied who share all childcare responsibilities from playing to enforcing rules, they also had a much healthier sex life and were happier with their spouse.

The 500 studied broke down into groups:
* 73% of the women stated they shared the childcare equally with their spouse.
* 80% of the men stated they shared the childcare equally with their spouse.
* 24% of the women state they did the majority of the work.
* 10% of the men state they do the majority of the work.
* 10% of the men state their spouse does the majority of the work.
The assistant professor of sociology at Georgia State University, Daniel L. Carlson said the results were interesting that the majority of parents feel they share the responsibilities equally. Couples who stated they shared the work equally also said they had the biggest level of satisfaction with their spouse and their sex life was better. These same parents also stated they fought less with each other. Carlson states these parents have the best chance of making their marriage work and staying together longer.

In the group of parents where the wife did most of the childcare it showed the couples had the lowest level of satisfaction and the most conflicts. In the low number of parents where the man handled most of the childcare it showed a medium level of satisfaction between the spouses.

The survey asked about pitching into to help with tasks like; praising, creating, enforcing rules and playing so this may be part of why the study showed such a high rate of dads pitching in. Carlson says men are more inclined to do these types of tasks, what the study does not show is if they also share the cooking and cleaning for the children

There is another study that shows women and men are dividing up the chores better than was done in the 60’s. Women now spend about 13.7 hours a week on childcare compared to the 10.5 hours a week in 1960. Men are now spending about 7.2 hours a week, compared to their 2.5 hours a week in 1960.

The study did also state that even though parents are sharing more childcare and spending more time with their children, didn’t mean they were spending more time as a couple. This may indicate they are spending more time enjoying each other.

News That Will Definitely Turn Your Frown Upside Down

Dogs are supposedly the perfect companions for mankind. But, nobody ever gave cats a chance. One remarkable orange and tan colored cat named Tommy proved his worth to become the next man’s best friend. Tommy lives in Ohio with his owner, Gary Rosheisen. Rosheisen adopted Tommy because he thought it would lower his blood pressure and it would be lovely to have a companion. Rosheisen was wheelchair bound and suffered from osteoporosis, which meant that his bones were very, very weak. He also had several strokes. Because of his vulnerability to seizures, he had tried to train Tommy to press the 911 button on his phone in the case of an emergency. Even though he tried his very best to teach Tommy, he was never sure if it ever paid off. One day, he experienced a seizure in his bedroom and fell down from his wheelchair. He was unable to get up and did not have his life alert button to call for help. He was basically alone and helpless. Then, the police arrived at Rosheisen’s apartment and saved him. There was no explanation to who called 911 except for the fact that Tommy was present next to the phone when the police arrived. Tommy saved his owner’s life. To get more details on this story, visit
Story: Cat Called 911 to Help Ill Owner

Cancer is a horrible thing, but even some people can see the light in this darkness. Four year old cancer patient , Abby was one of those people. She is diagnosed with Pre-B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, which is a common type of Leukemia for children. Abby had definitely seen many nurses in her four years of life, but there was one who absolutely caught her little eyes. His name is Matt Hickling and he is her favorite nurse. She decided that he was so amazing, she would marry him. After Abby informed her mother of her unwavering decision to marry Matt, her mother called him to make sure he was okay with Abby’s decision. He was completely fine with it. Soon, Matt planned a wedding for him and the lovely Abby with the help of a few coworkers. The wedding was done and now the newly wedded couple waits to see what the future has in store for them. To read more about young Abby and her delightful marriage, visit
Story: 4 Year Old Girl Marries Favorite Nurse in Hospital Ceremony

ConnectHome Aimed at Narrowing the Digital Divide

The world of network technology has become a vital part of life in the 21st Century. For many, our highly connected world has offered a renewed sense of inclusion. Business is increasingly reliant on their virtual commerce and communication platforms. Unprecedented educational opportunities have emerged in the form of online classrooms. Social networks are quickly evolving into hubs that connect us all. These amazing developments have changed our mainstream culture on a fundamental level. When we need information, most of us rely on a network connected device to find what we are looking for.
Network technology encroaches on every aspect of modern life. The positive gains in human productivity and efficiency are undeniable. Tools like the World Wide Web, E-mail and the Short Message System used on mobile platforms are essential to most of us. The danger of our rapid adoption of such powerful tools is that some people may be left behind. Inequality that is directly related to our networked world, often referred to as a, “Digital Divide,” can dramatically affect social and economic opportunity. The problem of income inequality, and therefore quality of life gaps, may be exacerbated by introducing new technologies to only higher income demographics.
The US Federal Government is introducing a new pilot program, ConnectHome, as part of an ongoing, strategic framework aimed at narrowing technological divisions. The program is designed to provide free, or low cost, high speed internet access to residents of public housing facilities. The New York Times reports that the program will initially be rolled out in 27 cities across the country and on one Native American tribal area. The Department of Housing and Urban Development will administer the program.
The goal of ConnectHome is to offer increased access to high speed network services, and to provide any associated hardware, to low income families. Families with children are the highest priority due to the tremendous educational benefits that network access can deliver.