Nature Bridge: Saving Mountain Lions

This is another story that I found to be particularly uplifting as well.
Before 1990, the hunting of mountain lions was a problem in California. After 1990,
it has since been illegal to do so. The lives of the big cats are still in danger
from man however. The amount of lions killed in highway traffic is enough to
force California into action.

This action comes in the form of a land bridge. What is being called “The Green Overpass”
will be under construction in 2017. It will serve to connect the Santa
Monica Mountains with the Santa Susanna Mountain area. This natural bridge
will stretch across over eight lanes of route 101 highway traffic.
That is roughly 200 feet across and 165 feet wide.

What a remarkable achievement it will be to witness. Wildlife of all kinds
crossing using the bridge to avoid the danger below.
Isn’t progress great?


Baby Boom in the Animal Kingdom.

The world can be a beautiful place. We just sometimes forget about all it has to offered by filling our hearts and minds with negativity news. To block out the bad I tend to find it hard not to fill my screen with adorable creatures and in the past few months it’s been even harder with how many baby announcements coming from all over the world letting us know were doing something right for endangered animals.

Just two months ago in Yorkshire Wildlife Park (YWP) an Amur leopard, named Freya, gave birth to three cubs. Though the adoring public would love nothing more than to look upon their fluffy faces the zoo is keeping them tucked safely away so they may one day be released into the wild. Tech Times reports that todate there are only seventy Amur leopards living in the wild. It looks like these triple are going to give their species a fighting chance.

Not too far from the Yorkshire Wildlife Park (YWP) at the Chester Zoo they welcomed their own baby this week, a bouncing baby girl, elephant. She is the daughter to experienced mother Thi Hi Way. The baby girl was welcomed into the world surrounded by her elephant family. Like the Yorkshire Wildlife Park (YWP) the zoo keepers from Chester Zoo watched the birth from CCTV so they would not disturb the herd. Andy Mckenzie told The Independent “The birth of a new elephant is a real family occasion and, as the labour progresses, all of the family unit really come together. They all knew that something was going to happen, especially the older elephants that have seen it all before,” McKenzie said.

Happy times and joyous occasions were limited to on one side of the pond. With equally as exciting news coming from The Smithsonian’s National Zoo, they reported that their seventeen year old mother, giant panda, Mei Xiang gave birth to twins. According to SMITHSONIAN.COM just five hours after Mei Xiang gave birth to her first cub, biologist Laurie Thompson heard her grunting before “Out popped another,” she said. Mei Xiang had twins two years ago but only one survived. Bao Bao is celebrating her second birthday on the same day as her younger siblings.

Wind Power the Cheapest Form of Energy In Denmark

Following global warming stories can often be disheartening. While parties bicker back and forth to determine whether or not the planet is impacted by global warming, real progress towards becoming energy independent passes us by. That is why the recent news that Denmark is now finding that wind power is the cheapest form of energy that they have is comforting.

There is still work to do, even in Denmark which is situated in a prime area to capitalize on wind power on the coast. Denmark is set to increase their wind energy capacity in the coming years and beginning in 2016 the cost of wind power will be approximately half the cost of coal and natural gas plants, costing about 4 cents per kilowatt hour.

By 2025, Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is event in belief that it will become a carbon neutral city which is a major feat for any city, and even more for a capital city with a large population.

Once one major city is able to become carbon neutral, there is great potential for other nations to join the club and for carbon emissions to be reduced further. Many of the news articles citing the acceleration of carbon burning and damage to our environment fail to calculate the impact that these programs can have once they get rolling and other cities emulate Copenhagen.

Renewable energy is within our grasp and not only is wind power expanding across Europe and the world, but so is solar power and hydro power. The cost of solar panel have continued to drop and become more accessible. This gives me great hope that carbon emissions can continue to reduce and many positive environmental and economical benefits can be reaped as a result. While some form of carbon burning fuels will likely be needed to meet demand surges as well as to pick up for the night time needs when solar panels can’t kick into effect, the less reliance on carbon burning fuels the better off we are.

Further, the real benefit to this news is the cost benefits of using wind power as governments will have a real incentive to continue to use it going forward. While Denmark is well situated to take advantage of the resource of wind, the other options for renewable energy benefit other areas. Once these technologies are built out and in place, there is great faith that humans can move beyond fossil fuels and truly capture the awesome power of renewable energy.