Dwayne “The Rock” Gets Aggressive With Crime

I have always been a fan of Dwayne Johnson. Some know him as Mr. Johnson, but others know him as “The Rock.” He is involved with an inmate boot camp program that is run by the County Corrections Office in Miami Florida. Johnson has worked with these incarcerated men for several months. His goal was to keep them from returning to prison once they got out. These men were from all walks of life with various charges for robbery, drugs, violence and even attempted murder.

He went with them on their day of sentencing. Rather than a traditional prison setting, these men accepted a plea deal, of sorts. They were given the opportunity to go to a boot camp facility instead of prison. Rather than looking down on them, Johnson gave them his word that he would be there for them every step of the way. On the first night, he told them that they would be broken in ways that they never knew possible. However, he gave them hope that if they stuck with it and didn’t quit they would become better for the journey.

Well, that was more than half a year ago and today these men stood in front of their families and their drill sergeants and they became free. They were free from the legal system, and they were stronger and better than before. Johnson says that America’s crime rate is too high. In fact, of the people that go to jail in Miami, more than seventy percent will be back in there for another crime in a couple years. That rate is staggering. The Rock decided to take matters into his own hands and help in Miami. They have one of the most hardcore and unrelenting boot camp prisons in the world. Their rehabilitation is 8 percent.

When these men arrive more than half a year ago their life was essentially over they would be broken taken down to the core physically and mentally. They would experience things that they never thought possible. The goal is to break their will and to change them from the inside out. The Rock is very proud of each and every one of them. See when the rock was about 13 he got arrested he did a lot of things that he knew better, and he wanted them to know that life does go on, and they can have opportunities to succeed.