California Bully Finds Advocate In Intervener

Bullying is a big problem in our schools. Many speak out against it, but few do anything to stop it. This was not the case recently at a Huntington Beach High School. In recent events there a vision impaired student was attacked by another student. It seemed that no one would step in and help and then a student did just that.

The third student came into the fight and knocked the bully to the ground stopping the attack on the disabled student. He has been hailed as a hero and many are coming to his defense in order to prevent him from being expelled by the local school board. This student does not feel that he has done anything extraordinary, but when dealing with bullying anything that puts a stop to it is extraordinary.

The hero, Cody Pines has become a very verbal defender of the bully in this case. He feels that this person has been punished sufficiently by the verbal outpourings of his wrongdoing. Pines goes on to further state that he feels the bully’s arrest is only going to hinder his future ability to realize success.

As for the incident in question, Pines says that he felt there was no other course of action that he could take. He felt obligated to help the blind student in order to prevent any further harm from coming to him. Pines states that he did not intend to hurt the bully, he simply wanted the incident to stop.

When comments were sought out from the school board and school officials, they felt that the video misrepresented the overall atmosphere of the school. The image that the video offers is one of fear and intimidation. The Huntington Beach school system has worked hard to develop an atmosphere where student safety and wellness is the center of their mission and vision.

Bullying is a big problem in the school system. While isolated incidents do take place, the bulk of bullying goes on for years with victims never truly recovering from the emotional scars. Pines is a hero. He stopped an incident that could have ended up very badly if he had not intervened.

Stopping bullying is important to ensure the mental well being of both bully and victim. Pines has demonstrated that there are people out there who will standup and put an end to the violence.


Qi Group, The UN, and The Business Revolution

United Nations Global Compact Network is proud to host a very strategic company by the name QI Group of Companies which by itself is proud to mother the famous QNET. QI Group of companies is not just a part of UNGC but one of the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiatives. QI Group of Companies consists of a number of business groups with headquarters in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore and additional constituent over 30 countries all over the world. QI gladly adopted diverse and forth going business practices released by the International Cooperate Social Responsibility Summit launched in Singapore in the year 2015.

The QI is dedicated to elevating the business industry to a new and higher level. With globalization, the company has taken steps to developing ideas that can sustain businesses into success. QI Group of Companies boasts of a very influential Managing Director, Joseph Bismark being in position since December 2008. Bismark believed that with extensive knowledge, information, skills and experience, sustainability and development of businesses would be achieved easily.

Mr. Bismark has turned a number of normal things in the business world into the extraordinary. His interest in gaining more and more knowledge by the day is evident. He is a vedic philosopher, bonsai master, yoga instructor and has diverse acquired knowledge in martial arts. From his quotes, one can tell that Mr. Bismark is a true believer of the Lord and His teachings.

QI widely adapted its running of activities a corrupt free mainly accruing from its managers believes. The company believes in creating great working conditions for its employees who include stipulation of labor and human rights in the business world. Implementation of good governance in the company has proven to increase productivity. This strategy was encouraged by Bismark and perfectly implemented which has seen the QI climb up the ladder into success under Bismark.

As reported by yahoo, Bismark mentioned the need of accountability and transparency in the company while conducting business. With a great acquired title, the company is likely to attract major stakeholders and investors with similar objectives that will help the company achieve its goals. Apart from sharing business ideas, the United Nations Global Compact Network in association with QI has created a platform that encourages sharing of non business ideas around the world. Such practices render the organization fit for both social and business interactions.

Will the Companion App make you feel safer walking home?

Recently I read an article that talks about a new smartphone app that is one
of the more thoughtful and practical to come out in a while. The Companion App
promises to change the awkward and sometimes scary walk home from wherever you
may be late at night. How it works is you pick anybody from your contact list
and text them a link to the map your using. They are then able to track your real
time movement.

The app links with your phones GPS and Accelerometer to track your position
and speed of movement. It can even tell when you fall down or if someone runs
off with it. If you are in danger the app will ask if you are alright and If you
don’t respond in 15 seconds it will sound an alarm and give instant access to
police. Furthermore, it will alert your contacts to the threat as well.

This is awesome news for people who walk or bike alone at night. It will be a
welcome app for parents as well. What a great way to make sure your child is safe
and sound. Definite potential here.

Nature Bridge: Saving Mountain Lions

This is another story that I found to be particularly uplifting as well.
Before 1990, the hunting of mountain lions was a problem in California. After 1990,
it has since been illegal to do so. The lives of the big cats are still in danger
from man however. The amount of lions killed in highway traffic is enough to
force California into action.

This action comes in the form of a land bridge. What is being called “The Green Overpass”
will be under construction in 2017. It will serve to connect the Santa
Monica Mountains with the Santa Susanna Mountain area. This natural bridge
will stretch across over eight lanes of route 101 highway traffic.
That is roughly 200 feet across and 165 feet wide.

What a remarkable achievement it will be to witness. Wildlife of all kinds
crossing using the bridge to avoid the danger below.
Isn’t progress great?