News That Will Definitely Turn Your Frown Upside Down

Dogs are supposedly the perfect companions for mankind. But, nobody ever gave cats a chance. One remarkable orange and tan colored cat named Tommy proved his worth to become the next man’s best friend. Tommy lives in Ohio with his owner, Gary Rosheisen. Rosheisen adopted Tommy because he thought it would lower his blood pressure and it would be lovely to have a companion. Rosheisen was wheelchair bound and suffered from osteoporosis, which meant that his bones were very, very weak. He also had several strokes. Because of his vulnerability to seizures, he had tried to train Tommy to press the 911 button on his phone in the case of an emergency. Even though he tried his very best to teach Tommy, he was never sure if it ever paid off. One day, he experienced a seizure in his bedroom and fell down from his wheelchair. He was unable to get up and did not have his life alert button to call for help. He was basically alone and helpless. Then, the police arrived at Rosheisen’s apartment and saved him. There was no explanation to who called 911 except for the fact that Tommy was present next to the phone when the police arrived. Tommy saved his owner’s life. To get more details on this story, visit
Story: Cat Called 911 to Help Ill Owner

Cancer is a horrible thing, but even some people can see the light in this darkness. Four year old cancer patient , Abby was one of those people. She is diagnosed with Pre-B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, which is a common type of Leukemia for children. Abby had definitely seen many nurses in her four years of life, but there was one who absolutely caught her little eyes. His name is Matt Hickling and he is her favorite nurse. She decided that he was so amazing, she would marry him. After Abby informed her mother of her unwavering decision to marry Matt, her mother called him to make sure he was okay with Abby’s decision. He was completely fine with it. Soon, Matt planned a wedding for him and the lovely Abby with the help of a few coworkers. The wedding was done and now the newly wedded couple waits to see what the future has in store for them. To read more about young Abby and her delightful marriage, visit
Story: 4 Year Old Girl Marries Favorite Nurse in Hospital Ceremony


Smile For A Better Life

This Buzzfeed post got me thinkin…

Smiling makes you feel better. It can lift your spirits and help make difficult times not feel so darned difficult. Smiling also takes far less effort or muscle power than frowning. Smiling has a way of making stress melt away, and turn an otherwise dismal day (or week) into something to enjoy and relish.

Too many people can find way too many reasons why they should not smile, or offer reasons why there is no reason to smile. Far less often do individuals offer a reason why a smile is in order. What is a good reason to smile? How about freshly cut grass? It smells awesome and makes the landscape look so inviting. Dogs love to roll in cut grass, and it feels awesome between the toes.

Another great reason to smile is when someone you really care about gets one of your jokes. It can even be a corny joke. Just to know that someone you care about thinks you are funny is reason enough to let out a great big smile. The same holds true if you get to work on a project with someone you care about.

A day when your hair cooperates is another great reason to smile. Nothing is better than when everything falls into place, including the hair. Top a great hair day off with perfect weather. Whether it is rain, snow or a beautiful sunny day, the perfect weather can lift the spirits and make you feel as if you are living on cloud nine.

Here’s another great reason to smile. Take a personal day and get in touch with yourself. Take a whole day to do nothing but pamper yourself and feel good. A long walk, a day in the park with a friend (furry is best), or even take in a small concert or art show to reset self and feel better about the world around you.

Finally, a great reason to smile is because you are alive. Breath in some fresh air, play with your dog and simply enjoy the fact that you have another day to enjoy. Letting the worse of the world get to you is no way to go through life. Focusing on the negative will only make you feel negative. Focus on the good, shut out the bad and enjoy life.

Smile for yourself, for those around you, and to make the world a happier place. A smile is good for your heart, your stress levels, and smiling more v=can actually help with maintaining weight and lowering stress levels

ConnectHome Aimed at Narrowing the Digital Divide

The world of network technology has become a vital part of life in the 21st Century. For many, our highly connected world has offered a renewed sense of inclusion. Business is increasingly reliant on their virtual commerce and communication platforms. Unprecedented educational opportunities have emerged in the form of online classrooms. Social networks are quickly evolving into hubs that connect us all. These amazing developments have changed our mainstream culture on a fundamental level. When we need information, most of us rely on a network connected device to find what we are looking for.
Network technology encroaches on every aspect of modern life. The positive gains in human productivity and efficiency are undeniable. Tools like the World Wide Web, E-mail and the Short Message System used on mobile platforms are essential to most of us. The danger of our rapid adoption of such powerful tools is that some people may be left behind. Inequality that is directly related to our networked world, often referred to as a, “Digital Divide,” can dramatically affect social and economic opportunity. The problem of income inequality, and therefore quality of life gaps, may be exacerbated by introducing new technologies to only higher income demographics.
The US Federal Government is introducing a new pilot program, ConnectHome, as part of an ongoing, strategic framework aimed at narrowing technological divisions. The program is designed to provide free, or low cost, high speed internet access to residents of public housing facilities. The New York Times reports that the program will initially be rolled out in 27 cities across the country and on one Native American tribal area. The Department of Housing and Urban Development will administer the program.
The goal of ConnectHome is to offer increased access to high speed network services, and to provide any associated hardware, to low income families. Families with children are the highest priority due to the tremendous educational benefits that network access can deliver.

How Joseph Bismark Is Changing Marketing Spiritually

Joseph Bismark is a leader in the marketing industry. With his ability to change business and turn a company over its feet to make more money while providing everybody a sense of respect, he know what can make a business successful. In the world of business and corporate industries, you’ll find that spirituality and peace of mind is never the goal of the majority of people. However, Joseph Bismark is one who is beginning to change that.

Joseph is one of the first in a work extinct to showcase that business and spirituality can abide within each other. As a member of the QI Group, he works with QNet as the subsidiary of the group. He has been able to change the minds of millions of people through his business ideas and his solidified approach to living beautifully spiritual.

Who Exactly Is This Guy?

At just nine years old, he left his comfortable and traditional life to become a monk in Mac ashram right in the mountains found in the Philippines. His journey into spirituality began there as she spent right years and left at seventeen years old. He then went on to working in the corporate industry, but e remembered to keep his ashram teachings with him as time went by. In 2008 of December, he gained the title of Managing Director for the IQ Group, and then he went on to helping create and found QNet.

What Is His Philosphy On Business?

His philosophy is ever growing. He believes in team work and helps instill within his employees to develop a vision oriented mind. He knows that anyone can excel, and all that a person needs is an encouraging push to move forward. When he works his fellow businessmen and employees, he wants everybody to succeed. He has a spiritual and professional side that allows him to work with everybody on a spiritual level while getting things done. He has been described by Vijay Eswaran as one of the most favored managers of the QNet company because of how he works with everyone.

Most people will call him naive or that he just isn’t thinking straight. What most people don’t understand is that Joseph knows all about working with people. He knows how to attain real success by realizing that working with others together is the key. Some people tend to work way too hard on trying to get everybody on the same page, but Joseph knows what to do. He leverages the power of friendship, leadership, and connection so that everybody comes together and works hard on the project.

Joseph has a strong understanding on the idea that everyone in the company plays a pivotal role for success. He knows that every person in the company has a vital role that can help dictate the success of the company. Once of his favorite things of is ashy to everybody is to “take charge of your success.” He wants to see people succeed at their craft. His skills, his work ethic, and his way of inspiring people and encouraging them is what makes him the success that he is.

How To Be Like Joseph

The way too be more like him is to follow in his footsteps and in his way of respecting each person at the office. There is a middle ground that can be found between being the boss and being a friend. You don’t need to act like this leader who is above everyone else. Joseph puts himself in the same position as everybody else. He has recently been able to change the minds of countless leaders to go after their spiritual side and speak with people on a deeper level.

Spirituality into Business-Joseph Bismark
The corporate world is one of the very stressful and demanding world places. The act of climbing the ladder to achieve success in business is something that is very challenging and difficult to accomplish. Besides, in such an environment it has been proven that spirituality and peace of mind are difficult to go in hand in hand with business. However, things have been a bit different since some individuals have proved otherwise. For instance, Joseph Bismarck is one of the persons who have managed to show that spirituality and business can work together to accomplish a successful task in business. Joseph is a member of QI group of companies’ board of directors. As a director, he is currently working with one of the company’s subsidiaries branches, Qnet. From his enduring spirit and innovative ways at the subsidiary, Joseph has managed to take Qnet into new heights of success and development. He has engineered highly profitable ideas as well as unusual business approaches that have been the backbone of his capability to captivate millions of money as a dynamic brains entrepreneur of the company.
At a tender of age of nine years, Joseph left his comfortable home and adopted the life of a monastic in an ashram in the Philippines Mountains. These is where his life journey began until he left ashram at the age of seventeen years. The skills that he learnt from the ashram were very instrumental as his guiding principles in business incorporation. These enabled him to curve the position of the managing director in the QI Group of Companies in December 2008.
Moreover, Joseph is a strong believer in spirituality that is achieved through a form of a service that is meaningful to the humankind. These he acquired from his early childhood in his upbringing. Therefore, he has made that part of his life. He thus sacrifices a significant part of his life to an avalanche of activities at the RHYTHM Foundation where he is a very active member and co-founder. RHYTHM is a Corporate Social Responsibility arm of QI Group of Companies. Joseph believes that there is a power that instigates growth in everyone that requires an assistance or pushing from an outside force. Therefore, this he believes are some of the aspects that are instrumental in running a business and thus want members of the company to grow spiritually through the integration of their faith with the business.
In addition, Joseph has pursued the thirst for knowledge intimately as is recorded to be an excellent Vedic philosopher in tenets of activities. These avalanche of activities include yoga instructor, martial arts and bonsai master. He is also one of the individuals who stands on their principles of absolute truth and aspiring devotee and servant of the Lord. These has been very instrumental in his success in business as he believes that the Lord is the mainspring of his business success and his guiding factor.
Joseph Bismark lives a simple life that is grounded in characteristics of humility that has propelled him to success without changing his attributes. In his believe success is just a temporary state. Moreover, he treats his employees like his brothers and sisters which has made him a great inspiration to lots of people in the world. Joseph is currently based in Singapore from where he manages his business operations and continuous influence to millions of people through his books, hard work and social media presence.

For one to be successful in business, one have to have a driving force. This is because the business world is one of the demanding fields. One have to forgo many luxuries of life for a chance to be on the top of the corporate world. The driving force has to be install deep into one’s way of life to an extent that one will never walk out of it. Things will always not be the same for every individual in the corporate world and thus many experience great difference. For instance Joseph Bismark is one individual who have lived to prove a difference in the way many people think about business and other social activities. Bismark have proven through his life that spirituality and business can work together to achieve a successful undertaking in business.
Been one of the founders of QI group of companies and rising to the post of sitting on the board of directors in 2008. His major job as a director is to spearhead one of the branches of the company called, Qnet. As the highest officer in the subsidiary, he has used his believe in spirituality and innovation to bring long lasting solution and ideas to the company. The success of the branch can be accredited to his engineered methods of work and innovation agenda that he carries along all the time. Bismark have been able to utilize his entrepreneur skills and spirituality stands to reinvest millions of QI resources to profitable business empire
Bismark live started on a low note after him leaving his comfortable home and people of his own to join the life of monastic in an ashram in the Philippines Mountains. These changes are the strongest foundation of his life. It is during this stage that he came to learned and adapted the spirituality believes. It is the skills that he learned in Ashram that have worked as his driving force and have been very significant on his rise to the post his is holding at the moment.

Through his meaningful service to the community and mankind at large joseph is seen as a strong believer in spirituality. Spirituality has therefore grown to be part of his life. It is because of his believe in a spirituality that he dedicate some of his time to RHYTHM foundation as an arm of QI. The arm which is a corporate social responsibility works to help in integrating the workers.
Bismark has all along believed that there exist a power that can be used to help in the growth of everyone in a corporate body. He also believes that this way out requires assistance or pushing from the inner self as the driving force.
The reason Bismark have been so successful is his rich store of wisdom. He has all along pursued the thirst for knowledge for his future growth. It is this pursuit that have seen him participate in a wide variety of activities like a yoga instructor, martial arts and bonsai master outside his management career.
Bismark is a strong believe in God and stands on his principle of absolute truth and aspiring devotee to God and his creation. His many time quoted saying that his principle about humankind is very instrumental in his success in his work. With his principle, he treats his employees equally and takes them as brothers and sisters which have earned him a lot of admiration all over the global from where he is based in Singapore. This have passed his motivational through books, talks and above everything else how he lives.

Joseph Bismark – Innovative Leader and Entrepreneur

In 2008, Joseph Bismark took on the title of Managing Director of the QI Group. Currently he works with Qnet, the main subsidiary of the QI Group and has enabled the company to see substantial growth as a result of his spiritual way of harnessing the power of the corporate world.

At an early age, through his spiritual training in the Philippines, he learned the benefits of putting his trust in a supreme being. Upon leaving the ashram, his spiritual home, and entering the corporate world for the first time, Joseph was able to stay true to his principles. He believes that anyone can achieve greatness, but at the same time, he lives with the knowledge that success is only temporary. This realization makes him a revered manager with a humble attitude. He is truly a team player who treats those around him with great respect.

Joseph lives his life to the full, taking care of both body and mind. He is an inspiration to those around him and lives up to his beliefs that you do not have to give up your core values or your spirituality in order to be a successful business person. A team is only as good as its individual members, so Joseph strives to offer encouragement and help people to understand that having material things is not near as important as having a sense of inner peace.

One thing that Joseph emphasizes is to be careful not to become complacent in any aspect of your life. It is very easy to get caught up in the stress and rat race of the corporate world and lose your sense of self. As someone who is always looking to the future in business dealings, Joseph Bismark has truly proven that you can succeed in business if you are willing to control your own destiny.

In this way, Joseph Bismark is taking the company towards new ventures into the wellness sector of the business world. An intelligent, innovative thinker, Joseph Bismark will enjoy success in this area also. Qnet has become a company that encourages the entrepreneur spirit.

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Adam Nimoy Plans to Film a Spock Tribute Documentary

Recently, Adam Nimoy raised $662,000 on Kickstarter to film a Spock tribute documentary. He thanked contributors, writing “I can’t tell you how grateful I am personally for your participating in this great undertaking.”

His father, actor and director Leonard Nimoy, starred as the half-Vulcan, half-human character Spock in the original Star Trek television series. It aired for the first time between 1966 and 1969, and then appeared in many television markets around the world in re-run form. Fans agitated for the return of the series, and eventually a number of television spin off television productions occurred, including Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek Enterprise. During his career, Leonard Nimoy appeared in some eight feature films reprising the Spock role.

Leonard Nimoy passed away on February 27, 2015 at the age of 83. His appearance in the role of Spock helped inspire millions of fans around the world, people who called themselves “Trekkies.” 

Adam Nimoy reportedly plans to title the Spock tribute For the Love of Spock. Actor Zachary Quinto, who plays a younger Spock in an alternate reality version of Star Trek movies, will narrate the documentary. Zachary Quinto appeared and spoke briefly at a memorial held for Leonard Nimoy on June 29th at Symphony Space in New York City, together with Adam Nimoy and others. Actor John de Lancie, who played the character “Q” in several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation also spoke during the memorial.

Adam Nimoy, aged 58, has worked extensively in the field of entertainment law. He has also directed a number of television episodes in the United States and taught acting. He has directed episodes of two well known television science fiction series, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Babylon 5.

Brandy Norwood Gets Ignored Singing On The Subway

Brandy Norwood, is beyond an icon to some, she is a 90s teen idol. Anyone who loves music, remembers her at what now seems like the height of her career. We watched Brandy hit the scene when she was just a teenager, innocent and trendy, with her funky style and catchy lyrics. Brandy was a household name, her music was hip, yet acceptable to parents and teens alike. Hit after hit, Brandy proved that she was not just flash in the pan. While her music career was still on fire, Brandy starred in movies like Cindarella, alongside her idol, the late Whitney Houston, and Double Platinum with Diana Ross. 

Brandy’s music never stopped topping charts, but even while her music was making waves, Brandy continued to tackle her acting career. Her sitcom Moesha, held down primetime for six seasons, and still has a cult following. While still filming Moesha Brandy even managed to land a role in the I Still Know What You Did Last Summer. With all of her success as an actress Brandy has always returned to her first love and she has never disappointed her fans with her music. 

After Brandy’s first two successful albums, her music career seemed to plummet but she continued to stay relevant in the public eye, starring in her own reality shows and appearing on her brother Ray J’s shows as well. Finally Brandy settled into her role as Chardonnay on the hit sitcom “The Game,” for 5 long seasons Brandy held down her role on the show, many actually believe that Brandy singlehandedly saved the show from early cancellation. 

Most recently, Brandy is fresh off of her Broadway debut as Roxy Heart, in the musical Chicago. It comes as no surprise that Brandy impressed at every show during her run on Broadway, the reviews were through the roof, and everyone wanted more of Brandy as Roxy. Now that Brandy is leaving the big stage, she is enjoying her time in the big city, and also living a the common folk. Apparently, Brandy is a little too common for New York because this week she is making the news after an impromptu city subway performance got less than a standing ovation.

Clearly, New Yorkers are beyond over random strangers force feeding them performances on the subway, after all it only happens every day. We saw a similar situation when Keanu Reeves selflessly offered a woman his seat on the subway (in plain clothes) and didn’t even get so much as a “thank you,” nobody seemed to notice or even care that it was him. Even the person that filmed the entire interaction, cared more about getting a good video than and autograph.

Brandy’s video has gone viral, we follow her as she boards a train in glasses and a head wrap and begins sing a strong rendition of “Home,” after singing the first few lines she she realizes that not one person “responded.” In true Brandy style she threw on the theatrics and pretended to be offended that she didn’t get a reaction, she even asked a rider what he thought, to that he said “this is a cold city, we’ve seen this a million times, you have to do something different.” Brandy was a good sport about the situation, but even for her it had to hurt (just a little) to get ignored after singing her heart out.

Arms control activists like the Iran nuclear deal

Some people are calling the Iranian nuclear deal a historical event, while others are bashing it, but there are a few people trying to explain what the deal actually says. The text of the agreement between Iran, the United States and other nations, can be read here.

According to an article on Reddit, arms control activist Jeffrey Lewis likes the deal and said he would give it an “A” rating. He was a wake at 3 a.m. California time when the text of the agreement was posted online.

Lewis is the director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and runs a couple of blogs about arms control.
Lewis said the deal is pretty much the same as what was proposed last spring, then put off. He said it was also the same deal that was nearly reached eight years ago. In spite of the slow progress he was still pleased with the deal, feeling it will slow down Iran’s nuclear program and lessen the threat of the use of nuclear weapons.

He said slowing down their program, which was moving along fast and may or may not have been for peaceful purposes, was the best thing that came out of the agreement. Having a gap between being able to make a bomb, and actually having one, was a wise move he said. This means if Iran does make a nuclear weapon, “we’re very likely to find out, and to do so with enough time that we have options to do something about it.”

His one caveat in the deal is that no one can predict human behavior. There are no guarantees that Iran’s supreme leader will not get bad advice, be influenced to do bad things, or have a change of heart and break the agreement.

“You can’t know that [Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei] will be deterred. But I don’t know that there’s any way to make him more deterred than this.” Lewis is quoted as saying.

There will be inspections and Iran has promised to be forthcoming. If the United States, or any other nation in the agreement, is dissatisfied with the compliance, they can get the sanctions returned on Iran quickly. It must be approved by the UN Security Council. If the council agrees, or if it does nothing, the sanctions return.

As for the particulars there are charts that show the specifics of the deal. The focus is on centrifuges, which turn uranium into nuclear fuel. Iran will have a lot less of them than it has now, going from 21,000 to 7,000. They will be less efficient and they will only be allowed to be enriched to a percentage that is far below what is required to make a bomb.

Iran will have to give up 97 percent of its uranium and will be limited to three facilities to work with nuclear material. One facility will be refitted so that it cannot produce bomb grade uranium.

Antibiotic Resistance Is Now a Major Global Public Health Problem

Your doctor may have told you previously that he is unable to prescribe an antibiotic for you when you have a virus. He may have gone on to explain that antibiotics will only heal you when you have a bacterial infection. They have no effect whatsoever on viruses. And you may have gotten upset that he didn’t have something that would fix your cold or stomach flu.
Or like many doctors do, he may have just given you the antibiotic, causing you to take a medication that you don’t really need. You take it for ten days and voila! Your sickness is gone. The medicine must have worked. Or more than likely, the virus ran its course while you were taking the antibiotic and you would have gotten better even if you didn’t take it. But no harm done, right? Wrong!
It is being reported by health officials in the U.S. and Canada that the overuse of antibiotics is dangerous. What happens is bacterial infections can become resistant to antibiotics. The more resistant they become, the less an antibiotic will be able to work until such a time that it will not work at all. When that happens, a patient can die of a bacterial infection because there is no medication to give them that will work.
President Obama has allocated more than $1.2 billion to address antibiotic resistance in the year 2016, because the problem is here, right now. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) more than 23,000 people die each year from antibiotic-resistant infections in the United States alone. This problem can become an epidemic in ten years or next year. No one knows. What they do know is it is happening.
You can do your part by becoming educated about drug resistance. Don’t take an antibiotic unless there is a real need for one. Tell your politicians that this issue is one you feel is important.